I am truly a mom over the top! I have been a compulsive overeater for most of my life. The first time I remember specific over the top eating behaviors was when I was 13 years old. That was 24 years ago. I started on this journey to health, to abstinence, to sanity in May, 2010. I hope that by blogging I can help, not only myself, but help others to know that they aren't alone. My tools on this journey are Overeaters Anonymous and SparkPeople.

Staying positive whole facing huge obstacles

I am having a really difficult time these days.  I injured myself 3 weeks ago and have been very inactive since.   Today I found out that I need surgery to fix the years worth of damage to my ankle.   I have to have ligament repair which will have me completely off of my left foot for 3 weeks and in a walking cast for 4 weeks after that.  I have already been battling with food urges these past weeks.   It is so difficult to stay positive but I am continuing to hand things over to God and I am working on having a positive outlook.  Instead of frequently suffering the same horribly painful sprains over the next years I will be able to continue on my way without pain.  I do worry a bit about the scarring as I heal keloids so I do need to mention that to the tech when he calls to schedule.  I am praying to be able to schedule it for the 17th of this month.  That will give my husband a couple of days home with me and then the big kids will be off to school for two days and home for 15 days straight.  The thought of trying to use crutches and take care of the toddler on my own for three weeks is horrifying so I think that having the almost 6 year olds around will be a huge help.  Their Christmas break would get me nearly to the point of getting my walking cast.   So here is hoping.


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