I am truly a mom over the top! I have been a compulsive overeater for most of my life. The first time I remember specific over the top eating behaviors was when I was 13 years old. That was 24 years ago. I started on this journey to health, to abstinence, to sanity in May, 2010. I hope that by blogging I can help, not only myself, but help others to know that they aren't alone. My tools on this journey are Overeaters Anonymous and SparkPeople.

There are benefits to foot and ankle surgery

Believe it or not, recovering from ankle surgery has a plus side.  Yes, I am in pain, yes, I have to deal with crutches but I don't have the desire to snack because it is way too much work to get up and get one.  This has not been a pleasant experience so far but at least my fear of overeating isn't proving to be reality.  


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